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Little Bit is now 13 years old and has had a lot of physical
problems,but she is still our sweet little girl.

Look what Charotte Stephens made for me. I sparkle!

Little Bit's 1st Award
Mommmy can I chase the cat, can I?

Thanks Joy for this beautiful Globe
To visit her dog, Pepper's page click on the globe

Little Bit, Bitsey, came to us ragged and dirty,
starved for food and love. I wrote a poem,Little Bit
that tells her story.(She still alive though!)

This is Little Bit (Bitsey) when we first got her.
She weighed 6 lbs. The cutiest little ragmuffin
we'd ever laid eyes on!

This is Bitsey at about 1 yr old. She weighed 12 lbs
in this picture, even without all the hair! LOL

Caught In The Act
Bitsey loves to drink my coffee. I let her have a teaspoon a day and it has to be in my cup!

I Love My Coffee! Just wish Mommy would let me have more.

She uses this to sleep in and sit up at the table,
but refuses to sit in it while riding in the car. Did I
happen to mention that Shih Tzu's can be very stubborn sometimes?

Bitsey loves her bunny. It was the 1st toy she got
when she came to live with us.

And this is Bitsey with the same bunny as in the above picture 4 yrs. later!
That bunny has a strong constitution! LOL

Waiting for Daddy to come home. Will he ever?

Daddy and Me at the Ocean.
Panama City, FL, May 1999

You aren't going to leave me at home Mom

Mommy loves getting email

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