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The bear on my back is Baby. And the Monkey is JoJo

Charlotte's Precious and Bitsey
At Smith Family Reunion 2000

Jake is my husbands 9 year old German Shorthair hunting dog. He uses Jake to hunt pheasants. He flushes out the birds for the hunters. He also is a very pampered dog. His "dog house" is a two story house that my hubby uses for storage. Jake live on the ground floor with a fenced in area for him to exercise outside.

This is my Daddy on his Quarter Horse, Tex

Apolo lives with his family across the ally from us. He comes to visit quite regularly. He is close to 11 years old now. He and our poodle, Fred, were best friends and when Fred got sick and we had to have him put to sleep Apolo would come over and we would comfort each other in our loss for our best friend.

Callie belongs to Apolo. And Callie loves to tease Bitsey, by sitting across the fence where Bitsey can't get to her. But, if Callie comes into the yard, she just ignores Bitsey's barking at her. Drives, Bitsey crazy because Callie won't run from her! : )

Holly and Bitsey

Holly Christmas Fundenberger is quite a little character. And the story of how she came to our good friends, son and family is worth telling.

When we went to Florida a couple of years ago we didn't have anyone to keep Bitsey for us. So Darren, our friends sons two boys offered to keep her. The boys at that time were 8 and 10. We were gone for 2 weeks and when we went to pick her up, the boys were devistated. They had become so attached to Bitsey that they didn't want us to take her.

It was heartbreaking, for us, and for their Grandma & Grandpa Fundenberger. So, they asked us to see if we could find a Shih Tzu puppy for them to give to the boys for Christmas. We did and since she would be ready to take home a week before Christmas we agreed to keep her with us til they could come and get her the week-end before Christmas.

Bitsey took the baby under her wing and treated her like her own little baby. It was so cute. But, Bitsey, really moped around for quite a while when they took her away.

Today they are good friends and love to visit each other. As you can see, they are really two of a kind. : )

This is a more recent picture of the boys with Bitsey & Holly

This is Daisy the Beagle. She lives next door.
She doesn't come over anymore 'cause she stole all my toys!
But, mommy got them back.

These two little darlings are Toby and Meiko
They belong to Denise and you can see more pictures of them
on herwebsite

Paula, Ebony, Linda and Maggie - Linda and JoJo

Little Bit's Friends (Continued)
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