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At The Drive-In

We swarmed to the drive-in
on those hot summer nights
like bees to flowers
to watch the stars preform
in our honeycomb cells.

Bogart, Gable, and Davis,
hot buttery popcorn, cool icy soda,
fumbled caresses and stolen kisses.
The only reality, our own adolescence,
with (what was his name?)

At the Candy Store


Bubble gum, gum drops(fist big)
in a rainbow of colors, red, yellow, green
Grape jaw breakers and strings of licorice
in squant glassy jars
with red lids

Round and Round on squeeky stool
The jars a rainbowed blur,
as the man behind the counter,
nods and smiles,
while wrinkled hands stir and blend.
Eager fingers search for the copper pennies,
that were earned that day
from empty pop bottles returned.
A mumbled "thank you" and out the door,
to sample the sugery treats from the candy store.

Copyright 1977 by Carol E. Smith

Poetry - The Attic


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