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Cowboy Humor

Howdee all you cowboys & gals.
If your lookin' fer some fun , this is
the place ya wanta be.

But if this ain't your cup o' tea, as the English would say,
ya all don't dispair. I gota bunch of other stuff for you
buckaroos who are aren't interested.
You all can hunker on down to the bottom of this here
page and rope in on my other pages.

Now that we got rid of them, we can get
on with havin' some fun!

So, come on, take off yerand stay

Are ya sure you all are ready fer this? Ya gotta come through the outhouse
Just use that clicker thing and come on in. I'll be there ta greet ya!

Those of you all who don't appreciate this here cowboy humor, use that clicker thing below. It'll take ya back to my other pages.