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Hi Ya All!

Now That Wasn't Sooo Bad, Was It? yeah, yeah. . . well, so it didn't smell so good (mumble, mumble, under my breath, "they are always compainin' about the smell. Ha! and them wantin' ta be cowpokes!

Uh, well, ok. Now here's tha deal, my little sis, is gonna take over from here. I gotta lotta work ta do. Critters ta punch, fence ta mend an ol mustang to break. A cowboys work ain't never done.

So, I'll see all you buckaroos later. Sis, ya all take care of these here folks now.

Hi Allll

Wow! What a ride. That little pony sure can run! Now, let me get my breath.

Ok. What we're gonna do first is give you some advice on how to live.
This works for Cowpokes and every day folks.