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Song - Daddy's Hands

Beauchamp Family History

This Page is Dedicated to My Dad

Preston Earl Beauchamp M.D.

1905 - 1989
A small town doctor who dedicated his life to his patients.

Dad was born April 4, 1905, in a dug-out, at Tyron, Ok. The only child of Herbert Francis Beauchamp and Nettie Ermine Huber. In December of 1905, my Grandfather, Pappy, moved the family to Argintene, KS, now a part of Kansas City, Wyndotte Co., to work for the Santa Fe Railroad.

My Dad, Earl, was a small man, having taken after the Huber side of the family. His hair was light red, with a cheerful round face and an eternal grin. His manner was determinedly puckish which drew people to him like a magnet, and his continual wisecracks, his booming bolt of laughter kept all his friends and patients happy when he was around.

Dad graduated from Wyndotte High School. The quiet, pretty girl, Bernice, who was in the same class and also attend youth group meetings and activities at the Christian Fellowship Church, caught his eye early on. Mom always said that they really didn't date, not as we think of dating today, but sat close together on hay rides and other activities the church group had. It wasn't til the summer after the graduated that they actually had their first date.

In the fall of 1921 Dad entered college at Kansas University and Mother went to work for Nellie Dawn, in downtown Kansas City. Still, they found time to see each other and their love and respect for each other grew.

Dad graduated from college in the spring of 1926. He still had 4 more years at the KU Medical Center where he had been accepted. Another 4 years for the young couple to wait to get married.